Roasted Sunflower Seeds 150g

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  • Excellent source of Vitamin E and Protein.
  • Selenium acts as a powerful anti-oxidant
  • Improves Detoxification of the body.
  • Lower Cholesterol.

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Sunflower seeds – great at the ballpark, helpful during a long drive, and a native plant to India that has become a staple to cultures worldwide. Despite their small size, sunflower seeds are a dense source of vitamins and minerals and essential oils. Not only are they a great snack, sunflower seeds offer several extraordinary health benefits. Incorporating sunflower seeds into your diet can be as simple as sprinkling an ounce of the seeds over hot or cold cereal or over your salad. Get more creative by adding sunflower seeds to tuna, chicken, egg or chickpea salad sandwiches, or sprinkle the seeds into a wrap.

Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of vitamin E and a very good source of copper and vitamin B1. In addition, sunflower seeds are a good source of manganese, selenium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin B6, folate and niacin.

How To Enjoy :-

  • Add sunflower seeds to your favorite tuna, chicken or turkey salad recipe.
  • Garnish mixed green salads with sunflower seeds.
  • Adding sunflower seeds to scrambled eggs will give them a unique taste and texture.
  • Use fine ground sunflower seeds to dust your meats with in place of flour.
  • Sprinkle sunflower seeds onto hot and cold cereals.

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